Effective Communication Skills eCourse

Effective Communication plays a vital role in our day to day activities. Often misunderstandings occur in our life because of lack of proper communication. But don’t worry, we can improve our communication skills.

Communication is the process of sending and receiving information among people. Communication is the art of transmitting information, ideas and attitudes from one person to another.

Exchange of information, ideas, knowledge, sharing of experience between the sender and receiver through accepted code of symbols.

Effective Communication Skills eCourse will cover topics on:

The 5 C’s of Communication,Types of Communication,Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication,Elements of Communication,Types of communication based on purpose and style,The communication process,Barriers to communication,Non Verbal Communication,
Forms of nonverbal communication,Paralanguage,Kinesics,Emblems,Illustrations,Regulators
Affect Displays,Body Language,Facial Expression,Eye Contact,Leg Activity,Body Posture,Anger,Enthusiasm,Gestures,Voice Modulation,Vowel Sounds,Handshake.