Advanced Color Styling eCourse

Wearing unflattering colors can make you look older, ill, exhausted or dull. Colors not only enhance the appearance — they also influence our behavior. It’s to your advantage to consider the responses to color, both physiological and psychological. Color is important since it gets an emotional response from people and can really effect how you look.

Color analysis can save you time, money, and closet space. If you know what colors work best for you, you can shop more efficiently, leave the clothes that don’t flatter you in the store (with barely a glance), and shrink your wardrobe. Plus, wearing the right colors makes you look and feel good.

Color Analysis is based on your seasonal colors. Every person falls in any of the seasons. Depends on your skin tone you may fall into summer, winter, spring or autumn seasonal color palette.

Professional Color Styling Training is a complete guidance for color analysis, color styling, seasonal color analysis, color palette, color psychology, color theory, 4X4 Color Analysis System.

  • The course is divided into chapters having detailed subject knowledge
  • This course has covered full details about using colors in fashion
  • This course is ideal for people who wishes to learn the use of colors in fashion styling

After completion of this course one will be able to do Color Analysis for himself / herself as well as color analysis for others. You will learn the techniques of how to use colors in fashion and what color suits best for a person by learning seasonal color analysis